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Yoga Teachers are Loving Thai Massage

Thai massage is a wonderful spa treatment, and works well in a massage centre like The One Thai Massage, but according to reports, it’s also the ideal add-on to some yoga classes.

Some people refer to Thai massage as ‘Thai yoga massage’ and there are courses available in some academies now, teaching Thai yoga massage as a massage therapy which incorporates yoga stretches, breathing exercises and meditation. Of course, this isn’t going to be the exact same discipline that’s taught in Thailand, by the famous Wat Pho Traditional Massage School, but like many holistic therapies, everyone likes to put their own spin on it!

What does it involve?

In reality, some of the movements that our therapists use in an authentic Thai massage treatment do involve similar stretches to the type you would get in a yoga class, so we can see how the two disciplines would work well together. Some yoga teachers have started to add Thai massage in as an extra, and they’ve found that it’s given their traditional yoga teaching a whole new edge, which is fantastic.

Yoga and Thai Massage are actually distant relatives, if you think about it. Thai Massage originates in the ancient Indian tradition and it’s said that it crossed into Thailand around 2,500 years ago, where it evolved into a discipline of its own and became the wonderful massage treatment that we know and love today.

Train in yoga and massage

It makes sense that yoga devotees and teachers would turn to Thai massage as their therapy of choice. One Thai massage teacher is quoted as saying that over half the students at his academy in the US were yoga teachers!

Yoga teachers should find it pretty easy to understand the basics of Thai massage, as many of the basic principles of both are the same, and a lot of stretches that are carried out in traditional Thai massage can be easily translated into very similar yoga poses.

Would you agree that yoga and Thai massage are similar, if you’ve tried both? And if you’re a teacher, would you consider training in Thai Massage to add some of it to your classes? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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