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3 Winter Self-Care Tips

There’s one person that often seems to get forgotten in the rush to get things done over the festive season….you! If you want to keep yourself looking and feeling tip top this winter, it’s not just about make-up and party dresses, beauty starts from the inside and a healthy body will carry you through the worst of the cold and wet weather.

1. Partake in a winter massage

Massage is one way of keeping your circulation pepped up when the temperatures are low, and having regular facials, and body massages, is a really great (and enjoyable) way to keep your body and mind energised and refreshed during the winter months.

2. Keep your vitamin D levels topped up

We often feel a bit sluggish and tired over the darker, colder months, because we’re starved of vitamin D from sunlight here in the UK (especially in Manchester!)

Lack of vitamin D is really bad news for your skin cell metabolism and growth so if you pamper yourself a little bit by investing in good facial and a lovely relaxing massage (check our our mix and match treatment list for ideas) you’ll keep your skin cells lovely and hydrated, stimulate cell renewal and of course give yourself a wonderfully relaxing treat. Some people swear by vitamin D supplements, and even lights that replicate the effect of sunlight on your skin, but a good skin care routine and some TLC can go a long way to keeping your skin in good condition during busy times and challenging weather.

3. Look after your skin

Keeping your skin well cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated is really important during the winter – covering up in woolly jumpers, coats and tights means that you don’t tend to take so much notice of your skin condition, while lack of fresh air and the effects of central heating can dry it right out too.

Spoil yourself with some good quality beauty products – add them to your Christmas list and keep your fingers crossed – make sure that you exfoliating your face and body skin weekly (why not book a lovely body scrub treatment at The One) and enjoy a relaxing massage to counteract the effects of Christmas weather, food and stress, and you’ll thank yourself for it by the time you get to New Year…



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