Why Massage is a World Cup Issue!


Massage is just one of the tricks that wellbeing-savvy football managers and coaches are relying on to get their national teams into a winning position for this year’s World Cup tournament in Brazil. Believe it or not, despite being given a virtually non-existent chance of winning the cup, even from their own coach, due to their perilous position in the ‘Group of Death’ the US team has been given a slight advantage with the choice of team accommodation.

The players are being encouraged to make the most of the luxurious five star Sao Paulo 5-star Hotel Tivoli Sao Paulo Mofarrej, including the spa with its Thai massage therapists, who we know will be doing their level best to try and improve their clients’ chances of playing well when it matters. Even if they lose, after a decent massage they should be relaxed about it!

Italy, who are no stranger to World Cup success, have employed the use of massage is a slightly sneakier way, with ‘micro-massage- tape in their kits! The strips inside the kits are supposed to massage key areas while they are being worn, and maximise players’ muscle power. Whether they are any good at helping players aim between the goalposts in a crucial penalty shoot-out remains to be seen, but if they believe it helps, it probably does. Never underestimate the power of the mind!

If, like most of us, your contribution to the World Cup 2014 effort is watching it from the comfort of your chair, we know that the tension is going to get to you. Clenched muscles, gritted teeth, it all stresses your body out and after a particularly harrowing game (which, if you’re an England fan, you there are likely to be a few of) you could well feel a bit achey.

Never fear; you could always invest in a massage chair if you have a few extra thousand pounds lying around. Failing that, a Homedics Shiatsu heated back massager might get you through the tournament. And if you’re in Manchester, or close by, drop in for a relaxing, de-stressing massage whenever the stress of watching England get through a game by the skin of their teeth gets all too much for you!



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