Spa Treatment

Treatments to Include in your Perfect Spa Treatment Day

It’s still cold outside, so you might be starting to think about escaping the weather and treating you or a loved one to a pamper day. But what should the perfect pamper day consist of? This can vary depending on whether or not you have any specific requests that you would like us to cater to but, in our opinion, the perfect pamper day should consist of the following luxury treatments.

Classic Facial Treatment

A good facial treatment is an essential part of having healthy, glowing skin. First, we will cleanse the face to rid you of any makeup, dirt or impurities. This means that there will be nothing getting in the way of the products that we will indulge your skin with. We use cleansers that are well suited for your skin type during the facial, so you shouldn’t encounter any negative reactions to the products. Next we will exfoliate your skin to buff away dead skin cells. This will make your skin feel smooth and refreshed. The act of getting rid of any dead skin cells also gives your skin a glowing, healthy look. The last stage of our classic facial treatment is the facemask. We will use a facemask that has been specifically created for your skin type and leave it on the face for a few minutes. The purpose of the facemask is to reach deep down inside the pours of the face to give it a really deep and thorough clean. After this your face will be completely free of any impurities.

Couples Massage

If you would like to involve your partner in your pamper day then why not book in for a couples massage? Getting a couple’s massage is a relaxing and serene way to increase feelings of closeness and intimacy with another person. You will each get your own personal therapist who will massage you in the same room. This means that you can have a chat or, as most people choose to do, you can simply drift off into a peaceful slumber as we work on your tension and aching muscles.

Body Scrub Treatment

As we go throughout our daily lives, dead skin cells often build up on our bodies. These cells can make our skin look dull and rough. In our skin scrub treatment, we use special ingredients to help remove these dead skin cells and stimulate the circulation throughout your body. But don’t worry! We’re not just going to rub the body scrub on your skin; we will massage it onto your body using specially chosen massage techniques. These will help the essential oils that we have chosen for you to penetrate your skin and help you to achieve that all important youthful glow!


What better way to end your pamper day then to have your feet massaged? The art of reflexology works on the theory that different points on your feet are in sync with different areas of your body. Reflexology tends to have different effects on different people, and you have to be open minded to try it – but it can give you intense feelings of relaxation and can help to reduce stress and tension. It’s also a great way to boost your energy and increase your inner health to help you to lead a happier and healthier life.


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