Treatments & Therapies

Authentic Thai Massage

This is our forte, performed on custom, handmade Thai massage beds. Enjoy an exhilarating massage from a Watpo trained massage therapist using traditional techniques such as stretching and acupressure. Succumb to our unique touch and indulge in a sublime massage that will induce a deep level of relaxation and calm your mind.

Traditional Swedish Massage

Experience therapeutic Swedish massage like never before! Take a break from city life with a muscle-melting full body massage and lavish yourself as your massage therapist uses a range of techniques to help the body release stress. Long gliding strokes gently loosen muscle tightness and increase your overall sense of peace and wellbeing.

Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment targets the deeper muscles, using strong pressure and intensive strokes to release deep-seated muscular stress. A myriad of different techniques and our revolutionary approach creates a powerful treatment that is also deeply relaxing. If you are consumed with stress, this mind-unwinding full body massage is designed to loosen you up and is the ideal treatment for you.

Couples Massage

What can you expect if you book a massage for two? Well, it’s deliciously indulgent, irrefutably romantic and very relaxing. You’ll both have your own therapist massaging you, and your treatment will take place in the same room, so you can chat to each other or just drift off into a blissful doze.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Need to unwind in a hurry? Designed to target the classic areas of stress and unknot those tense muscles. Using gliding, kneading and a combination of other techniques, this stress-relieving massage focuses on releasing tension. The perfect way to relax if you’re pushed for time.

Hot Stone Therapy

This is an exceptional treatment using handpicked volcanic stones combined with traditional massage techniques and aromatic oil that is drizzled sumptuously all over the body. Melt away any tension and experience a massage that is nothing short of divine.

Aromatherapy Massage

A beautiful massage experience that will induce you to float away while you’re massaged with a blend of specially chosen aromatic oils. Feel tension simply dissolve and expect to unwind as every part of your body is cajoled into complete submission. Calm and soothe your mind with a full body massage that ultimately relaxes you into a state of total bliss.

Indian Head Massage

This traditional treatment, based in ancient Indian holistic medicine, is used before big events in India – and you can see why if you sample it for yourself. Enjoy a deeply relaxing and blissful experience that is exceptionally good for relieving emotional and pent-up stress. A massage to bring you back into focus and improve your concentration. Close your eyes and experience sweet oblivion.

Thai Foot Massage

Untangle those tortured tendons with a reflexology session. Using pressure points on the soles of your feet, trained therapists work to release stress and rebalance your mind and body. It’s an effective way to boost your energy while working on your inner health and we promise you’ll be walking on air when you leave the room!

Four Hand Massage

The synergy of the two therapists working in harmony to release all the stored up stress and tension from your body helps to rebalance the energies within your body and bring everything into alignment. The sheer bliss of having four hands working on your body at one time is an amazing feeling that can send you off into a calm and nurturing sleep or simply leave you feeling a heightened sense of peace and wellbeing.

Thai Herbal Poultice Massage

If you have never had a massage with one of these aromatic poultices, you should really give it a try. Similar to a hot stone massage, the poultices enable our massage therapists to give you a divinely scented, super indulgent massage using a special blend of herbs which have been carefully blended together and encased in a delicate muslin cloth.

Classic Facial Treatment

Indulge yourself with a facial that has it all. The treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, a facial mask and a facial massage, giving you a whole hour of sublime indulgence that’s just for you. A classic pampering treatment.