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Top Tips to relax in the Summer Heat

We get it, it’s hot out there. And in Manchester, like most of the UK, hot doesn’t mean a chance to relax on a sandy beach and let your cares drift away.

No, for most of us, the intense heat and stifling humidity of a typical really warm summer day involves a bad-tempered commute to work, feeling sweaty before you even get to your desk and wanting to go to sleep by about 2pm.

But summer is supposed to be fun-filled and carefree, so how can you make the most of the blue skies and soaring temperatures and learn to ignore the thunder bugs, wasps and sweat dripping off the end of your nose? Learn to keep cool in the summer heat.

Cold Spot

One of our top, top tips for instant summer cool down is to find your cold spot. The place that instantly cools you right down when you press an ice-cold can of drink or bottle of water onto them… the ‘aaaahhhh’ inducing areas.

If you hit the right spot with your cool down, you can lower your body temperature fast and feel cool and refreshed – for a short while at least. Everyone knows how gorgeous that cold can is on the back of the neck, but did you also know that wrists, insides of your elbows and knees are great spots too?

Some people also find that the trick works on pulse points like the tops of the feet, inside of the ankle, right on the inner thigh, and on the temples have an instantly cooling effect. Experiment to find the best cold spot for you and use it as much as you need as it starts to heat up.

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DIY air-con

We don’t have much air con in our homes in the UK – let’s face it, we’d only need it for about a week every year. You don’t need a super-expensive air cooling system when you’re feeling hot and frazzled; you can try a little DIY for a fraction of the cost.

All you need is a fan, a shallow bowl, and ice. Set your fan down wherever it needs cooling, and put ice in the bowl. Place the bowl in front of your fan and there you have it, an admittedly short term but still effective cooling fan that will take the heat out of the room for a bit.


Believe it or not, massage can also help with cooling you down. Ayurvedic tradition says that in summer, massaging oils which contain cooling herbs into your body can help keep you cool, along with keeping up your yoga practice and eating a diet rich in cooling foods.

Rubbing your feet with massage oil that contains coconut oil is recommended too.



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