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Top Three Thai Massage Myths

Thai massage is a massage style that can seem mysterious to western clients that are more used to the gentle Swedish massage or soothing aromatherapy massage. But there’s nothing to be nervous about – here, we dispel some of the myths that might have been putting you off booking your Thai massage treatment…

Myth 1: Thai massage is painful

This is probably the number one misconception about Thai massage, although there is an element of truth to it, like most myths.

In reality, Thai massage doesn’t have to hurt, although it could potentially feel uncomfortable at times. One example is stretches; although these are often used in sessions, some people are stiffer and less flexible than others, and if a therapist attempts to do too much, it could be uncomfortable.

Thai massage therapists also make a lot of use of their knees, elbows and even feet in a massage treatment, and of course there’s the famous walking on your back manoeuvre in some sessions as well. These moves can be uncomfortable if they are carried out by a therapist who isn’t trained to read the client’s responses and tone down the pressure when needed.

If you’re having a Thai massage and it starts to become in any way uncomfortable, simply ask your therapist to change the pressure and she will be happy to do so. There’s no need to suffer – a Thai massage is supposed to be pleasant!

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Myth 2: Thai massage is just stretching

There are a lot of different stretches involved in a traditional Thai massage, and yes, many of these are incorporated into a massage treatment. The average Thai massage session doesn’t require you to contort yourself into vast numbers of unusual poses or have the flexibility of a Yogi, though.

Most authentic Thai massage treatments focus more on the  muscle and pressure techniques than they do on stretching, and leave the more extreme stretches to people showing off on YouTube videos.

Myth 3: Thai massage is erotic

Ah, yes, that old chestnut. When you mention that you run a massage centre, the eyebrows go up. The truth is that a Thai massage is no more erotic than Swedish massage or any other type when carried out in a reputable establishment.

Massage therapists that have been expertly trained will know how to put you at ease so you don’t feel uncomfortable if you’re just draped with a towel, but the experience isn’t erotic.

‘Sensual massage’ has been around for centuries, and we’d wager that they probably won’t be highly trained at the Wat Pho Massage temple in Thailand, though. Erotic or sensual massage is not a part of authentic, therapeutic Thai Massage training, and if any of our therapists are asked for ‘specialist services’ they are trained to decline politely.



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