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Top Five Questions to ask your Massage Therapist

Massage therapists are experienced in knowing what to ask a new client, or even a regular client that’s asking for something a bit different to usual. But there are always going to be questions that you need to ask, so if you’re feeling a little unsure before your massage session, here are out top five questions to ask when you book.

What type of massage do you recommend?

The best question for first timers! If you call us and you don’t really know what type of massage is best for you, you can bet that we will. If you’re stuck in an office and your neck is getting sore, you might need a 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage to sort you out.

If you’ve just run a half marathon and your body is protesting, a deep tissue massage might be just the thing for you. If you’re stressed and tired, aromatherapy could help.

Tell us about your lifestyle and we’ll suggest a massage to suit.

How long should I book?

We’ve got everything from a short and sweet 15 minute massage blast to deep and relaxing two hour Thai and Swedish massages. If you just need your shoulders un-knotted it won’t take as long as a sublime treat of a deeply relaxing hot stone treatment or a full Thai massage experience.

Tell us how you feel and what you need, and we’ll recommend the length of massage for you, your needs and, of course, your budget.

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What should I wear?

Something comfortable. That’s the main thing. Some massages are fully clothed, and some, like reflexology only involve your feet and lower legs so there’s no need to worry about undressing.

Other treatments involve partial undressing (always with a towel, we always drape) buy you can keep all or some of your underwear on. For those, we recommend wearing something loose and easy to remove so that you can get undressed and dressed again quickly and don’t lose precious massage time changing!

Can I have more (or less) pressure, please?

This one’s for during your treatment. Our therapists are trained to judge the massage pressure and also to ask you if it’s enough or too much for you. But they aren’t psychic, so if at any time you think it’s a bit much, or feel as if you need a stronger touch, just ask.

We want you to be happy with your massage, so we’re always happy to give you more or less pressure, focus on a particular area or whatever suits you.

How will I feel later?

With some of our more intense treatments there’s always a worry that you’ll ‘feel that in the morning’ but you should never be in pain. Depending on the type of treatment you’ve had, your massage therapist will suggest that you drink lots of water to stay hydrated, use ice or heat, or carry out a few extra stretches to relieve any pain you were in prior to your treatment and to get the best results from your massage with us.

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