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Three Signs of a Really Great Massage!

So you want to try out a massage centre that’s just opened up, or one you’ve been curious about for some time, but haven’t been brave enough to enter. But how do you know, before, during, and after, whether it’s going to be a great massage, or just an OK one?

Booking your Massage Treatment

How easy was it to contact the centre? If you called, did they answer the telephone quickly and efficiently, and were they polite and friendly?

If you asked any specific questions, were they able to give you a good answer, or find you a member of staff who could help? Don’t assume that difficulty in fitting you in is a bad thing; it could be a sign of a very popular massage centre.


A really good therapist will ask you plenty of questions about your health and also your preferred type of massage. You should be asked whether you like a strong or gentle massage pressure, if you have any recent injuries or illnesses, and if there are any areas where an old injury might make massage more uncomfortable.

You’ll probably be asked if you’ve had a massage before, and what you want from this particular treatment, too. A massage for relaxation will be much less intense than a sports massage, and some people feel the need for a really deep, intense pressure to relieve tense muscles and soreness. The more questions your therapist asks you, the better.
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We all have different pain thresholds, so a good therapist will ask you as she or he goes along whether the pressure is too much, or you’d prefer it harder. A really great massage can leave you feeling as if you’ve had a workout; it’s amazing when you walk out after a session with all your knots untangled. What’s not so great is if you feel as if you’ve been in a boxing ring after an hour of an inexperienced therapist digging her thumbs into tender areas or you’ve spent most of the session gritting your teeth.

A really good, very experienced therapist will explain and adjust the massage as she goes along, so you know what to expect, keep checking in with you, stop if it gets too intense, and make the experience about you.

Having regular massage sessions should be something you look really forward to, and something that you feel does you good every time you visit. When you find a fabulous massage centre, and a therapist who knows exactly where you need that extra bit of pressure or when to lay off the pinching, stick with it!


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