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Is this the Scariest New Year Detox?

If you want to take celebrity heath advice, it’s quite likely that Liz Hurley, Rita Ora and the Duchess of York aren’t top of your list of people to follow – but they have all experienced the Viva Mayr detox clinic in Austria, so for that they probably deserve respect!

What is The Viva Mayr?

The Viva Mayr has opened a clinic at The Grace Belgravia, a private London health spa that has medical practitioners on site. If you want to have a go at celebrity detox in 2015, be warned, they don’t call it ‘brutal’ for nothing. The UK ‘lite’ version of the detox involves healthy nutrition, massage, cupping, a vitamin drip and acupuncture.

What happens at The Grace?

The initial check-up involves Applied Kinesiology, a holistic therapy that works on the idea that every organ deficiency is accompanied by a weakness in a corresponding muscle. After your assessment, any weaknesses are corrected with powdered supplements. You’re given homeopathic and nutritional advice to follow during and after your stay, and while you’re in residence you can expect to be taking in around 800 calories a day…

What treatments are administered?

You’ll be expected to endure a ‘cupping’ session, where extremely hot glass cups are put onto your skin, which creates a vacuum. They are left on for about ten minutes and don’t hurt, in fact this part of your treatment should feel quite pleasant and relaxing.

If you don’t like needles, it’s a good idea to give the detox a miss because you aren’t allowed to opt out of the acupuncture sessions, either.

More bad news for needle-phobics; there’s an intravenous vitamin infusion too, with minerals like sodium, potassium and magnesium and B vitamins to get through, and then to top it all off, a powerful massage, focussing on the abdomen, which is designed to release any blockages and stimulate blood flow. People who have had the massage tend to agree that it’s probably the least relaxing massage ever, and the abdominal stimulation tends to work very quickly so you’ll need to know where the bathrooms are before you lie down, if you get our drift…

It’s certainly a pretty extreme way to detox following Christmas overindulgence, and it’s a very expensive form of torture that A-listers probably like to compete over…but a two-day stay can result in a weight loss of around half a stone and a feeling of wellbeing and energy – or is that just a sense of relief at being able to go home?

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