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Stay healthy this autumn – top tips for October

Did you think that October was the perfect opportunity to stop going out, put your feet up and order in a takeaway while watching Strictly?

That’s not how it works! You don’t want to get to 1st January feeling sluggish and tired, with a mountain of work to do in order to get fit and healthy. Start making a few changes now and you could greet the festive season (we know, but it’s not that far away now) with renewed energy.

Get outside!

We’re serious. It’s not winter yet, the autumn colours are glorious and the late summer sunshine is still reasonably warm. Before frost and snow, driving rain or gales stop you wanting to leave the sofa, get out for brisk walks and get a lung full of the crisp autumn air. Go for a bike ride in the park, or if you live near a beach, get some sea air into you. It gets the blood pumping and the cooler air makes you feel energetic and alive in a way that humid summer heat doesn’t.

Learn something new

Keeping your mind active is a fantastic way to make sure that you stay healthy, so take up a new hobby or class, learn to salsa, join a gym and try something new. The kids are back at school so there’s no reason for you to use them as an excuse. You’ll also make new friends which is incredibly good for your health and wellbeing.

Get active in front of Netflix

Forget Netflix and chill, next time you settle down in front of your favourite TV show, or plan a box set binge, don’t accompany it with junk food. Get active while you watch TV and you can enjoy the latest movies and Sky catch up box sets guilt free. While you watch, get up off the chair and start walking on the spot. You can graduate to lunges, or even use a kettle bell or weights.

Add something extra to your walk to work

Motivate yourself to get walking by finding some inspirational music to get you going, or a TED talk that inspires you. You could even learn a new language while you walk to work if you download the lessons to your phone or iPod, and you’ll learn all the way to work.

Remember to schedule in some self-care

Take care of yourself and boost your spirits with something that will rejuvenate your mid and your body, setting you up for the cold, dark days ahead.

You could schedule in regular massage sessions or a luxury facial to make you feel wonderful. Teach yourself to meditate or use guided visualisation techniques. Read up on relaxation and Reiki. Make time for yourself and don’t get bogged down in work, family and everyday dramas.

Stick with it

Experts believe that it takes about four weeks for a lifestyle change to become a habit, so don’t give up at the first hurdle. Most people give up on fitness programmes within the first 30 days but if you can push on through, and make it to that magical stage, you should find it much easier to stick to your new routine.

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