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Soothing Massage Rubs to Help the Weary Worker

No matter what type of work you do your body will respond to it. Whether you’re sat at a desk all day, doing hard labour or on your feet for most of the day, your body is put through its paces. We’ve collected together some simple massage techniques which you could try out on a loved one when they come home from work.

Alternatively, book yourselves in at ‘The One’, you’ve both worked hard all day and deserve a soothing massage rub to unwind a little. Let us know if any of them work for you on our Twitter page, we love to hear from our One Thai fans!

Lower Back Pain Massage

According to Spine, if you’re loved one is experiencing pain in their lower back then you need to focus your efforts on two muscles; the quadratus lumborum and the gluteus medius. For the quadratus lumborum muscle ask your partner to lie on their side and massage these muscles slowly and deeply.


The quadratus lumborum muscle. Image via Yoga Anatomy.


The gluteus medius muscle. Image via Scott & White.


The QL muscle, which connects the last rib to the pelvis, is responsible for pelvic stability and structural alignment. It is a common source of lower back pain.

– Allison Walsh, Spine Health


Ensuring these muscles are given the love and attention they need after a long day’s work is sure to help your weary worker. The gluteus medius muscle also needs to be worked. Small circular motions followed by deep brush stroke movements can help to relax the GM muscle. It’s important to do this as this is the muscle that frequently causes pain when the QL muscle is inflamed, it often becomes this way because of the QL’s dysfunction.

Leg Massage

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Howcast’s video on leg massage is a great guide for those giving a massage to someone in need of a bit of R and R. Take a look and follow along, it’s the perfect way to work out those kinks after a long day at work.

Shoulder Massage


With shoulder massage it’s important to sit the person you’re massaging in a chair. You’ll need a little bit of baby lotion or massage oil. Rub this between your hands so that it is evenly distributed, having some lubrication between the skin will stop the receiver becoming chaffed. Slowly, you’re going to want to start to rub the skin, following the lines of the shoulder blades. You could even use a back massager at this point to create a different kind of sensation. If you do this for about 40 mins then your loved one will be relaxed and de-stressed. Do it whilst their watching their favourite TV show and you’re sure to make them feel loved!

If you’d like any more tips on massage, or if you’d like one of our professionals to give you a truly relaxing experience then get in touch!


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