Four Hand Massage

The synergy of the two therapists working in harmony to release all the stored up stress and tension from your body helps to rebalance the energies within your body and bring everything into alignment. The sheer bliss of having four hands working on your body at one time is an amazing feeling that can send you off into a calm and nurturing sleep or simply leave you feeling a heightened sense of peace and wellbeing.

As you are massaged, two of our professional massage therapists work in tandem to relax tense muscles and unknot any areas of tension they find in your body. You’ll lie on one of our comfortable professional massage beds in a warm, tranquil room, while the soothing treatment is carried out to relaxing music.

During your massage, the therapists will mirror each other’s movements, with one taking the lead and the other following, all the time using traditional massage techniques. If there are any specific areas which need working on, such as your shoulders or lower back, just mention these at the start of your treatment and the therapists will make sure that they give extra attention to these areas for you.

If you’ve only ever had a massage with one therapist, the sensation of having two people working on you at the same time is quite delicious but also may take some getting used to. Because there are more areas of your body being worked on at the same time, the draping is less modest than it would be with a two hand massage, but our therapists are skilled in draping towels to preserve as much modesty as possible.

This is the treatment for you if you really want to be spoiled and pampered beyond belief – you’ll walk out of the massage room feeling like a completely new person…

60 mins £80

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