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Pulling Faces: Why a massage is so good for your face

You can definitely see the glow when you leave a spa or salon after a facial and it’s not just down to the products – the very action of having your face massaged makes all the difference to your youthful glow.

Having a relaxing facial massage is wonderful for all types of skin, particularly older skin or skin that’s in need of a bit of extra TLC. It can have a fabulous calming and soothing effect as well as lifting where necessary when combined with the best techniques and a great therapist.

As we get older, there’s no denying that our skin looks more tired. This can be down to the fact that it loses its ability to replace old cells over time, which can lead to sagging skin and wrinkles. The temptation might be to just slap on some expensive moisturiser, but without a little bit of extra care and attention, a moisturiser doesn’t work as well as it could. A professional facial massage will really get the circulation going and give your facial skin it’s sparkle back in a way that just a tub of cream struggles to manage!

If you ask any beauty expert, they will tell you that regular face massage is the way forward. Here are a few techniques you can try at home.

Sagging Skin: Your facial muscles are actually arranged diagonally, almost in line with your cheekbones, so give your face a massage using long, diagonal upward strokes if you want to tighten up your skin.
Puffiness: A tapping massage is great for helping to disperse puffiness under the eyes, because light tapping helps to stimulate the lymphatic system underneath the skin’s surface. Start under your eyes and on your cheeks, working outwards towards your ears.
Oil It Up: Don’t waste money on expensive serums – go straight for a good quality face oil instead; even if you have oily skin. Using oils on your face actually helps to balance out excessive oiliness, even if that sounds all wrong!
Eliminate Eye Bags: we all get them, and getting rid of them can prove to be difficult. Gently stroke from inside of your eye socket outwards, to help disperse excess fluid and eliminate the bags.

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