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New for 2015: Hopi Ear Candling

One of our latest treatments at The One is a lovely treatment that’s not only good for ear problems and headaches, but is also said to be really calming and beneficial to anyone dealing with anxiety or stress.

Where Does Hopi Ear Candling come from?

Ear Candling isn’t a new thing. Ancient Greeks used the candles thousands of years ago for purification and healing, and it’s thought that they also used them in spiritual rituals too. The first recorded mention of the Hopi Ear Candles is from much later, when the Native American Hopi Indians from North Arizona took up the practice.

Ear candles have also been used for centuries by Shaman healers, and there are wall painting depicting them being used in initiation ceremonies.

Moving forward to 2015 though, modern ear candles are used to soothe, relieve and relax with delicious, revitalising warmth and a pleasant scent.

How do Hopi Ear Candles work?

The candles we use at The One are all-natural and made from beeswax, extract of honey, a selection of herbs and naturally grown flax. They work along the same principles as a chimney in a house, drawing out impurities from the ear canal.

The heat from the candle gently stimulates the flow of secretions within your ear, and then the vapour collects and removes any impurities or deposits. Some are carried away through the candle while some of them can be found in the candle wax residue when it’s removed from your ear canal.

Ear candles also help to balance out the pressure in your head and ears, which can help alleviate symptoms of many conditions.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known side effects as far as we are aware, but we don’t advise people to use Hopi candles if they have an infection or any inflammation in their ear, if they are currently wearing grommets, or if they know they are allergic to any of the ingredients of the candles.

How will I feel during and after a Hope Ear Candle treatment?

Most people find a Hopi Ear Candle session really relaxing and calming. Some people say that they feel a sense of relief from pressure within their ears and head, too. If you’ve chosen to have the treatments over a period of time to relieve a specific condition, you might find that you experience ear popping or even a slight headache, but these symptoms should be short-term.

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