Massage and Cancer

It might surprise you to hear that yes, you most definitely can enjoy a massage if you have cancer.

There have been studies that have proved the benefits; some recent studies have shown that massage treatments may reduce many of the distressing symptoms of cancer and cancer treatments, like;

• pain
• fatigue
• nausea
• anxiety and depression

If you know someone who his dealing with cancer, having radiotherapy or chemotherapy or has completed treatment and just needs a pick me up, book them in for a gorgeous relaxing massage and you’ll be doing them a big favour.

One thing many people say when they are going through a cancer treatment regime is that the process of chemo or radiotherapy/surgery disassociated them from their body. It can be rewarding to enjoy a massage or spa treatment and start to recommend with your body again, in the nicest possible way.

Being massaged and the feeling of being touched in a therapeutic way can make you feel more human and ‘normal’ when it feels as if people are constantly poking, examining, taking samples and making you take drugs that give you nasty side effects. If you’re feeling fed up or frightened about your cancer, a massage room is also a safe place to talk about anything with your therapist.

What’s the evidence?

Studies have shown that massage actually reduces stress, nausea, pain, fatigue and depression, and that massaging muscles and soft tissues really won’t spread cancer cells – that’s just a myth. Having a lovely massage is safe for people at all stages of treatment, and afterwards. Just make sure that you let your therapist know in advance, especially if there are any areas you’d prefer her to avoid like treatment sites or tumour scars.

People who’ve had massage therapy sessions while having cancer treatment have reported a list of positive side effects.

• Better sleep
• Improved healing of scar tissue
• A better quality of life
• More mental clarity
• Better range of movement.

So, if you, or someone you know, is has been told that they have cancer, or is going through treatment and needs cheering up – a massage works!


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