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How to Get the Most From Your massage

A massage is a relaxing experience, so we’ve coming up with ten top tips for helping you enjoy your massage. Let the stress melt away with our top ideas!

Our Top Tips for Getting the Most from Your Massage

1. Arrive on time

…and leave enough time to relax before your session starts. If you run into the treatment room, stressed out from the traffic, it’s going to take ages for you to zone out and enjoy your treatment fully.

2. Don’t eat just before you have your massage

It can be uncomfortable if you are half way through digesting your lunch when we start massaging your abdomen!

3. Don’t stress about taking your clothes off

Not all massages need you to remove your clothes, and if yours does, our therapists are well trained in draping so that only the part of you that’s being worked on is exposed. If you prefer to keep your underwear on, go ahead

4. Communicate

Don’t be afraid to tell your therapist what you want, or if you need more or less pressure. If there’s an area that’s injured or tender, tell the therapist before you start, and if there’s a part of your body you’d like her to focus on, just ask.

5. Tell us about any allergies

We often use massage oils to reduce friction on your skin, and in aromatherapy massage treatments so let us know if there are any ingredients you can’t tolerate.

6. Remember to breathe

People often stop or limit their breathing when they feel anxious or a sensitive area is massaged. Just relax into the treatment and breathe normally as this really helps you to relax. If the therapist hits a tender spot, breathe into that too; holding your breath can make it feel worse as it tenses your whole body up.

7. Drink lots of water after your massage

…but not before! If the worst happens and you need to go to the toilet during a massage, that’s fine, we’d rather you stopped and used the facilities than gritted your teeth and didn’t enjoy the treatment. Drinking lots of water after the session will help flush out any toxins.

8. Try to schedule in some quiet time after the massage

Don’t rush back to work or to an appointment. You might feel light headed or dizzy when you get up, so sit still and don’t try to get up off of the massage table until you’re ready.

9. If you’re dizzy or light headed after the massage, do not get off the table too fast

It also may take a little time to integrate or absorb the results of the massage session.

10. Massage regularly

Massage works best cumulatively, so treat yourself to a regular massage and you’ll notice how you relax more deeply each time, as your body gets used to the feelings and starts to release stress and tension.

Enjoy your massage!


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