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How to avoid the dreaded summer cold!

With the summer holidays upon us, the kids at home and the promise of a couple of blissful weeks off work, you can almost bet your life that at some point, usually a few days before you’re due to go away somewhere, you’ll be hit with a summer cold.

It’s a complete pain that your body seems determined to ruin your two weeks in the sun with a horrible cold, and exacerbating the potential for a stinking cold are things like stress, air travel and contact with contaminated surfaces on public transport. But you can shore up your immune system to try and fend off the cold before it gets a chance to ruin your summer.

Help to banish that cold

Prevention is better than cure, and there are some handy products available that will help you before-sniffle and if you feel something coming on.

Nasal Spray

NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK® is a gel which claims to stop airborne viruses by creating a mild positive charge which blocks negatively-charged airborne particles and viruses before they get right up your nasal passages. You just apply it regularly to your nostrils and upper lip to keep the bugs out.

If that hasn’t worked and a rogue virus has started that tell-tale tickle, opt for some Vick’s First Defence nasal spray at the first signs of a cold and it should help stop the virus from taking hold. It can also reduce the duration of a cold.


When the weather is hot, take extra care to stay hydrated. Keeping your nasal passages hydrated along with the rest of your body can help keep viruses from taking hold in your nose.

One of the reasons people are more susceptible to bugs during a flight is that their nasal passages dry out at the same time as being bombarded with a plane full of other people’s germs.


Reducing your stress levels might be a tricky task when you’re trying to finish all your work before you go on leave for a fortnight, or with a house full of kids rampaging around.

De-stressing is essential for a good immune system though, so if you can, get some time to yourself to do nice things just for you.

Get outside in the fresh air and have a walk, get down to the seaside if you live nearby, or book yourself in for a delicious massage. Even taking time out to read a book, have an aromatherapy bath or absorb yourself in a favourite hobby will work wonders for your stress levels. It’s all about self-care!


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