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Hand reflexology could treat minor ailments

It’s always nice to get a back rub or a massage if your back has been giving you problems, and it’s certainly nicer than popping pills as a way to relieve headache. But did you know that reflexology – on your hands – is a do it yourself way to deal with a whole list of everyday minor ailments?
Just like our feet, our hands are like a mini map of the body, and different pressure points are linked to different areas. Each section of our hand has a corresponding body part, and, just as a traditional reflexology treatment can be used to relieve different symptoms, so can hand reflexology. The only difference between hand and foot reflexology is that the reflexes are closer to the skin in the feet, which can make foot reflexology slightly more effective, as more pressure is needed to carry out a proper hand reflexology treatment.

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How does it work?

hand reflexology

Reflexology is used to treat all sorts of different things, from infertility and digestive problems to headaches and colds, and although scientists haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly how this ancient healing method actually works, experts believe that it’s all to do with the way that our nervous system links in to the rest of our body. This ties in with how therapists work – in a treatment they will put pressure onto different ‘reflexes’ or points which stimulate the nerves supplying muscles and organs. Hand reflexology is particularly well suited to minor ailments like headaches, constipation, back and shoulder pain.
A reflexology treatment triggers an increase in blood supply to the nerve endings which helps to relieve the tension and inflammation we feel as pain.
Hand reflexology (as well as foot reflexology of course) can also help your body to eliminate toxins naturally (which is why after a session you could find that you need to go to the loo more than usual).

Try it yourself

Anyone can learn how to treat themselves using the techniques of hand reflexology, and a session can start to take effect little as 15 minutes – which is much faster than your average painkiller.
Why not try this taster session from the Association of Reflexologists and see how you get on.


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