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Gorgeous Gifts for Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year again, and if you’re stuck about what to get your significant other for Valentine’s day, may we be so bold as to suggest that the ultimate gift is to feel spoiled, pampered and relaxed, so a massage,

reflexology session or even a body scrub will probably all go down very well in the “Isn’t my other half romantic” stakes.


Carve Out a Little Me Time

One of the things that most people tend to complain about is not having enough time to themselves, so if you present your loved one with a gift that gives them an hour or more of time that’s all about them, their needs and what they want, it definitely marks you out as a keeper. Male or female, the gift of ‘me-time’ is something that can’t be over-estimated, and you’ll benefit too from a super-relaxed and eternally grateful partner afterwards. It will do you both good to be relaxed and revitalised, and make the romantic atmosphere that little bit lovelier, too.

A Massage: The Perfect Gift


If your beloved has been complaining about feeling stressed, book them in for a stress-busting massage, and for extra ‘aaahhhh’ add some hot stones and watch the stress dissolve away from those hunched up shoulders. The application of warmed oils and deliciously hot, soothing stones melts the hardest heart as well as all the tension out of your shoulders, and your special one will practically float away after the treatment.

A Massage isn’t Just a Gift for Them

Of course, if you’re being especially selfish, you can benefit from a massage afterwards, as the flooding of endorphins that happens after a good massage session has also been known to have a very positive effect on a flagging libido. If your sex life has been submerged by work, stress, kids and the fact it’s been way too cold for any of that nonsense, perk it up with a decent massage, add in a bit of aromatherapy and enjoy a very romantic time when you get home.

Sharing is caring – so if you don’t want to be left out, book a couples massage instead and share the love with a sublime tailored massage session you can both experience. You’ll both feel way too relaxed to cook a Valentine’s meal when you get home, mind you…

Happy Valentine’s Day from The One!

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