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Getting a Thai Massage….In Thailand!

Here at The One Thai Massage we pride ourselves on offering a really authentic Thai massage – but if you’re off on your holidays to Thailand, you might want to try one in a local shop or spa.

Here are a few tips on making sure you get the best possible treatment when you’re abroad.

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Top tips for a massage in Thailand


1. Recommendations

It’s a great idea to go by recommendation; ask someone with local knowledge where the best spa or shop is and even who they would suggest for a good treatment.

2. Communication

If you can’t get a recommendation first, ask around in the shop to get a feel for the place. Try to find a therapist that speaks or at least understands English. It really helps if you can communicate your needs before you start a treatment, and will help if you need anything specific from your massage.

3. Watch them work

Ask if you can spend some time, even just a couple of minutes, watching the therapists at work. It shouldn’t be a problem as in most shops massages take place on mats next to each other on the floor and everyone can see what’s going on anyway!

4. Focussed

You should be able to check whether the therapists are professional and focussed or busy chatting away to each other from a few minutes observation.


5. Ask Questions

Don’t be scared to ask questions. Find out how long the therapist has been practising for, where they studied and more. In all honesty, it doesn’t matter that much where someone studied as long as they are trained, but you can tell a lot from the reaction you get – a friendly response is a good sign, but an irritated shrug is a warning that you might not be getting the service you’d expect.

6. Phones Allowed?

Ask the therapist if mobile phones are allowed in the session; in some shops, it’s quite usual for a therapist to answer her phone mid-massage! The more upmarket shops don’t allow this so if she says no you’ll know that you’ve gone to a better quality place.

7. Right Pressure

Be aware that some therapists subscribe to the idea that more is better when it comes to pressure during a Thai massage. If a strong massage is your idea of heaven, that’s great, but if not, be sure to mention that you prefer a lighter touch before you start. You shouldn’t have to grit your teeth.

Once you have a feel for the shop and you’ve asked all the right questions, you should have a better idea about whether to arrange your massage; we can’t guarantee it will be as great as the massage you’d get from our wonderful Thai massage professionals here, but it will certainly help!


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