Four unexpected benefits of regular massage

We all know that massage is great for your joints, for stress and can even give your immune system a boost. But there are a few more unusual benefits of scheduling in a regular massage session that you might not know about or even have considered.

Massage can give you clarity

Having a massage session can do wonderful things for your mind. Imagine that you’re knotted up with stress and dealing with issues that you can’t seem to resolve. That one hour of unadulterated me-time might work wonders on your tense muscles, but it can also relax your tense mind to the point where the solution to a tricky issue will come to you out of nowhere.

This is most likely because of the way massage releases endorphins into your system, which can relax you enough to disentangle yourself from all the mental chatter that’s overwhelming you and just give your brain a bit of space to come up with a solution.

Massage can boost your energy levels

You might think that a massage session would leave you feeling sleepy and relaxed. Well, it certainly leaves you feeling relaxed, but the right type of massage can give your energy levels a kick and leave you feeling energised and ready to take on the world.

A Thai massage is especially effective for boosting flagging energy levels. Endorphins are probably responsible for this effect too; you’ve heard of the high that exercisers can get while working out – it’s caused by release of the same hormones.

Regular massage will help you to sleep better

Hard core insomniacs are unlikely to sleep like babies after one session with a massage therapist, but a regular course of massage is more likely than not to improve things and might help you to overcome some of the difficulty you’re having getting to sleep or staying asleep. The quality of your sleep also improves – if you’re used to waking up still feeling tired, you should notice a difference after a massage.

Massage does help banish stress hormones like cortisol and increases the production of serotonin which is vital for a good night’s sleep.

Massage can make you feel better about yourself

It might sound a little bit left-field but massage can really make you feel better about yourself. While you’re being massaged, the nagging voice in your head has to shut up for a while, and the mere act of booking and enjoying a massage is a way of telling yourself that yes, you are important and worth taking care of.

You’re also allowing another person to help you relieve any pain, and to melt away your stress and tension. That’s got to be good for your self-worth.

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