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5 Reasons You Need a Reflexology Session

Reflexology isn’t new to the UK, it’s one of the better known therapies and you’ll find it all over the place from independent clinics to spa retreats, and even in some more enlightened doctor’s surgeries. But with so many different therapies now on offer, how do you know which one is the best for you? Some therapies, like massage, acupuncture and reflexology are so wide-ranging in their benefits that they can be effective for a number of medical and physical conditions.

What is Reflexology?

Well, in short, it’s a holistic therapy which helps to release blockages in energy points (or meridians) throughout your body through using direct pressure on points on your feet and toes. Facial reflexology and hand reflexology are also gaining popularity, but foot reflexology is the most common type.

What Does Reflexology Help the Body to do?

When the blockages are cleared, energy flows more freely, enabling your body to heal itself and work more efficiently. Experts believe that reflexology can be good for anyone who suffers from backaches, headaches, stomach aches and muscular conditions. It depends on the individual how long it takes to have a beneficial effect; for some people it’s almost a miracle and can sort out a nagging health problem with just one session. For others, it might take half a dozen or more sessions to get relief from a condition or symptoms that are bothering you.

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The Top 5 Benefits of Reflexology

1. It can help to improve the circulation of blood, lymph and other fluids around the body, which promotes optimum function in the whole body. Improved blood circulation helps increase energy and general health, and improving lymph circulation is excellent for helping to get rid of toxins that might be building up and contributing to that sluggish feeling.

2. It’s great for performance if you’re an athlete, and may professional sports men and women use reflexology to help them before events. Of course, reflexology is also really useful if you’re suffering from an injury too, and can help reduce your recovery time.

3. Regular sessions of reflexology help to improve the immune system. It’s believed that it helps by relaxing the whole body, reducing stress and balancing the immune system – experts will tell you that the body’s systems function at their best when the body is in a relaxed state.

4. If you’re not sleeping, reflexology can help – it’s been proven to help people suffering from insomnia achieve better sleep.

5. Pressure on the reflexology points also affects the nervous system, releasing endorphins that help to reduce stress and reduce any pain.


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