Eight Ways to Practice a little Summer Self-Care


This summer, savour the sunshine a little more and let yourself really experience the most relaxing season of the year. Don’t sit indoors and stare out at the blue skies…try a few of our tips and make the most of it before it’s October again…

  1. Plan a holiday or a day trip

It doesn’t have to be an all-expenses trip to somewhere exotic, sometimes just getting out and about in the sunshine in a town you rarely visit can be uplifting. Summer is a good time to make the most of what’s happening where you live; Lots of places hold summer festivals, markets and activities so keep an eye on the local news for ideas.

  1. Have a tech-free day.

It’s time to slow down and appreciate life a little more. Experiment with switching your smart phone and tablet off when you’re supposed to be relaxing. You could be really brave and take a whole day off from the relentless pinging of your iPhone…we survived without them before! Tell friends and family you’re going offline and give yourself a chance to experience life, reconnect with the family, chill out in peace and quiet.

  1. Try a new massage or treatment

If the idea of taking your clothes off doesn’t appeal when it’s cold outside, summer is a great time to expose some skin and go for a body treatment or massage. Try something new; why not have a pre-holiday body scrub or try a Thai massage instead of a Swedish? Doing something a bit out of your comfort zone, even if it’s thoroughly relaxing, can be really good for your mind as well as your body.

  1. Play!

Remember the school summer holidays? Where we got on out bikes, roller skated, paddled in pools in each other’s gardens, went to the beach and made sand castles?  These activities aren’t just for kids. If you have children, you have a ready-made reason for water fights and outdoors adventures, but if not, do it anyway! Let your inner child have free reign this summer.

  1. Get near the water.

There’s a reason people love the sound of the sea – it really does soothe your soul. It doesn’t matter if you’re paddling in a stream, swimming in the sea or just splashing around in a pool, water makes you feel good, and summer is a great time to make the most of it.

  1. Try new fresh foods

Summer is a great time to try new types of fruits and veg that are in season. Make it a challenge to try a new type of fruit or veg with your weekly shopping every week, or visit a local farmer’s market to explore local produce. Fresh fruit and veg warmed by the sun smell divine and there’s nothing nicer than freshly picked strawberries if you want to stick with the old favourites…

  1. Get out of bed!

Get up when it gets light and make the most of all that extra vitamin D. Sit in the garden and read the paper, have a coffee, meditate or whatever floats your boat, but it will really set you up for the day.

What are your favourite tips for summertime chilling out?



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