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4 Christmas Party Beauty Tips

At this time of year there’s a massive pressure to look your best – Christmas and New Year parties and seeing relatives you don’t see very often, can pile on the pressure to put on your best face.


So how can you make sure you’re looking tip top when the weather is grotty, you’ve got ‘central heating skin’, you’re worn out trying to get everything ready and you’ve got a big party coming up in two days? Follow our tips for great Christmas ready beauty.

Nix the booze

Yes, we know that’s not easy at this time of the year, but if you want radiant, healthy looking skin, excess alcohol is a bad move. Alcohol dehydrates you, leaching moisture from your skin and leaving it looking dry, grey and dull.

Moisturiser won’t be enough to stem the effects of endless party food and mulled wine, so to at least minimise the effects, make sure that you compensate with lots of water, try not to overdo the alcohol, and consider booking a facial massage treatment to give your tired skin an extra boost, get circulation going and hydrate.

Hide tired eyes

No matter how old you are, lack of sleep and lots of partying will leave your eyes looking tired and puffy. You can perk them back up by giving yourself a soothing eye massage; Start from the corner of one of your eyes and rub your way along between your brow bone and your eye until you get to the outer edge of your eye. Do the same along your lower lash line. A good eye cream or serum can be a Godsend for tired eyes too.

Banish bloating

If over indulging in festive treats has left your digestion a little sluggish and given you the dreaded tummy bloat, all is not lost…you might still get the zip done up on that party frock after all.

Start with taking peppermint capsules or aloe vera juice, which can help to support the digestive system and prevent bloating. You could also experiment with cutting out foods that can cause wind and bloating, like refined sugar, cheese and alcohol.

Have a great time!

The top tip for looking fantastic this Christmas is actually very simple – just have fun! Spend time with people you love, whose company you enjoy, and ideally the people who make you feel good when you’re with them. Having fun is an amazingly effective beauty treatment – it makes your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and you’ll have a winning smile on your face that will make you look fabulous in any candid photographs…


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