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Can reflexology help you to lose weight?

In a word; yes.

It’s not just a matter of hitting the right pressure points, though; you’ll have to make a little effort yourself. But reflexology can support you and your body in achieving a weight loss goal.

Here’s How:

  • A lot of people who struggle with their weight can be lethargic, even depressed. To kick start a weight loss effort, reflexology can address this by making you feel more energised and balanced, so that you are in a better frame of mind to make the changes necessary to lose weight.
  • Reflexology works on the endocrine glands, balancing out your hormones and helping to calm down your body’s reactions to stress. A lot of people eat too much when they feel stressed, so removing some of the anxiety and regulating hormones means less physical urge to eat as a stress buster!
  • Stimulating your stomach and pancreas reflex points can help your body to absorb more nutrients, so even though you are eating less food while you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll still be getting the maximum nutritional value possible.

Talk to your reflexologist

If you mention that you want to lose some weight to a reflexology therapist, they will be able to make sure they concentrate on the pressure points that correspond to your spleen and digestive organs – this should help reduce any hunger you’re feeling from cutting down on what you eat.

Reflexology and a good diet

You’ll also need to try and boost your metabolism through exercise and diet. Reflexology can support you with this, by balancing the thyroid, and any other parts of your endocrine system which might be out of kilter. Sometimes, even though you have your thyroid function is tested by a GP and it comes out as within the right levels, it could still be a bit low for you. Working with the endocrine system should help balance this out and make your weight loss attempts more successful.

Stimulating the pineal gland is another way that reflexology can help to suppress an overactive appetite, and help to detoxify your body. This may also encourage you to start drinking more water, which we all know is fabulous for the whole body.

Lastly, one of the most important reasons that reflexology helps with weight loss, is that it gives you a real sense of wellbeing and leaves you feeling relaxed and energised, ready to take on the world!

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