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Boost Your Immune System with Thai Massage

Anything that might help you build up your immune system to resist the cold, coughs and nasty viruses that are floating around at this time of year has to be good, right?

Thai massage might be the way forward! Although it’s performed externally, it works as an internal stimulant. It helps to balance the body’s energy and reduces your stress – all good for the immune system. When a Thai massage session is combined with the goodness of aromatherapy, the benefits are doubled and there have been studies that have proved it can also boost the immune system in cancer patients – and potentially all of us.

Thai Massage and Cancer Relief

A recent survey looked at 66 people who had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer who took part in a single-blind, randomized-controlled trial. The first group that took part in the study had three light Thai massage sessions with ginger and coconut oil over a period of one week, while the control group were given the usual level of care.

The study revealed some really promising findings. It turned out that the lymphocyte (white cell) count was significantly higher in the treatment group than in the control group after the treatments, which meant that it was likely that the aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage treatments could potentially boost lymphocyte numbers by 11 per cent.

Thai yoga massage treatments could potentially boost lymphocyte numbers by 11 per cent.

This wasn’t the only positive outcome from the study. They also found significantly lower levels of fatigue, pain and stress in the lucky group who had received the Thai massage treatments than in the standard care control group.

The researchers said,

“Aromatherapy with light Thai massage can be beneficial for the immune systems of cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy by increasing the number of lymphocytes and can help to reduce the severity of common symptoms.”


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