Banish Holiday Stress

It’s that time of year again – much as we all love the annual Christmas get-together, it can still be stressful. Especially if you’re the person organising it. Here are a few tips to make your Christmas and New Year celebrations calm, collected and above all, fun!

Plan ahead

Try not to leave the preparations until the last minute, because that’s when the stress will really start to build up. Make to-do lists and assign tasks to other people instead of taking it all on yourself while the rest of the family sit around watching Christmas films.
One of the reasons people start getting antsy at Christmas is boredom, so delegation will stop that. You can even give your guests something to do when they arrive so that they feel useful rather than a spare part. Ask visitors to bring something with them if they are coming for dinner or staying for the holidays, most people are happy to oblige.

Don’t go overboard on wine

We all like a bit of Christmas spirit, but too much to drink can fuel Christmas stress and provoke arguments around the dinner table. There’s nothing more guaranteed to start a festive fight than your left wing nephew and very right wing uncle getting into a discussion about Brexit after a few too many sherries. If you know that one of your guests is prone to alcohol-related ranting, or worse still is unable to hold their drink, you might have to be mean and ration it out a bit early in the day. You can always ‘find’ some more bottles later.

Avoid holiday tummy

It’s difficult not to overdo it at Christmas, with so many delicious treats on offer. You don’t have to go mad, though, and leave yourself feeling uncomfortable. If overeating big meals and washing them down with copious alcohol has left you feeling a bit dodgy, try aloe vera juice to soothe heartburn, or a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water for indigestion.

Go for a walk

Getting some exercise will blow away the cobwebs that sitting around all day in centrally heated houses and doing very little can create. Being cooped up indoors does have an effect on you mentally and can create a cabin fever feeling that a decent walk in the fresh air will banish.

Take a deep breath

When we’re stressed, it has an effect on our breathing. As we tense up, our breathing gets shallow and this in turn makes us feel even more tense. If you feel the stress start to build up, find yourself somewhere quiet and start some yogic breathing. It’s not difficult; just breathe in through your nose, deep into your abdominal area, so that your abdomen rises slightly. Breathe out slowly through your mouth. Take ten deep breaths like this in and out and you should find that you’re feeling less stressed.

Of course, the ultimate cure for pre, post or during the actual day Christmas stress is a good massage session where you can relax and take time out just for yourself. Did you know that The One is open on Christmas Day and Boxing Day? Just saying…



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