The ‘Bacial’ is actually a Thing!

The Belfie replaces The Selfie

If you thought that the Selfie was the biggest thing in social media, think again; the latest craze is for the ‘belfie’ or Bum Selfie, and it’s a craze that’s been leading many women to book treatments that will perk up the look of their posterior ready for the perfect shot.

It could be down to celebs like Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole and Kelly Brook. They have all been posting images of perfectly toned, smoothed and probably very well-filtered bottoms on Instagram and Twitter, so everyone wants to get in on the act.

As a result, before their close ups, more women are booking facial treatments specially designed for their bottom. Massages, wraps and treatments which incorporate a little bit of behind-beautifying are becoming de rigeur, with a London beauty salon group reporting a 200% rise in enquiries for ‘bacial’ treatments in the space of a few months.

One of the most common complaints women seem to have about their behinds is the dreaded ‘spotty bottom’. Most of the year, a less than perfect derriere is easily hidden under jeans but when the rest of the body comes out to play in swimsuit season, the spots have to be dealt with. A spotty bottom can be caused by hormones, or it could just be a result of tight underwear causing friction and trapping sweat against the skin, and the ‘bacial’ can work wonders to alleviate any stubborn spots.

“A salon treatment, can cost you £300 or more”

If you can’t quite stretch to a salon treatment, which can cost you £300 or more, don’t panic as there are plenty of DIY options available at a fraction of the price in the shops. You can use anything that’s marketed for facial skincare on your bum too, so a cleanser that contains salicylic acid such as Garnier Skin Naturals PureActive Deep Pore Wash is a good choice.

You can even use a toner on your bottom in the same way that would on your face; and exfoliating with a body brush completes the home ‘bacial’ routine. Keep your skin hydrated with plenty of water to help flush out toxins which can cause dull or spotty skin, and before long you’ll be blessed with a bottom to boast about on Facebook…

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