Ayurveda for September

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For those who don’t know anything about Ayurveda; it’s a way of living that’s governed by an individual’s natural constitution and the time of year. We are all ruled by ‘doshas’ which are mixtures of the five different elements (space, air, fire, water and earth)

The three doshas are:

  •  vata (space and air)
  • pitta (fire and water)
  • kapha (water and earth)

Keeping these elements in harmony is the key to good health. You can find out what basic body type you are by doing a test like this one:


The seasons are also governed by doshas, and in particular, this time of year is the time when the vata energy starts to build up, and there’s a lot of movement; wind, rain, leaves falling from trees and a general brush through of stagnant summer energy. Vata is well and truly in charge from mid-September until late-December.

If your vata is out of balance…

If you’re finding it hard to switch off because your mind is doing overtime, and it’s stopping you getting a decent might’s sleep, that’s vata at work. Physically, you might start noticing more aches and pains, stiffness, and digestive problems.

Bad news if you have to travel is that being on the go all the time makes it worse. Eating at odd times, working too hard and staying up late will also knock your vata further out of balance.

Soothe your September

Starting from now, this is the time to try and get your routine for winter under way. Wherever you can, try to get a bit of regularity into your routine, even if it’s just trying to stick to regular meals.

  • When it comes to food, opt for a warm, cooked meal in the middle of the day wherever you can.
  • Try to be in bed by 10 pm and get out of bed as soon as you wake and as early as possible. When you wake up, give yourself a relaxing morning body massage with sesame oil.
  • Don’t train too hard at this time of the year – exercise is important but it’s easy to overdo it and end up even more out of balance. Aim for half your capacity rather than going full pelt on the treadmill.
  • If you find that your digestion is playing up, milky puddings and comforting soups are good for settling bad stomachs, and if your constitution can take it, add some fresh or stewed fruit to your breakfast – figs, prunes apricots or raisins are recommended.
  •  For a stressed mind, a massage or meditation should help calm things down.

It’s all common sense really – this is the time of year for winding down, conserving your energy and looking after yourself.


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