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A Helpful Guide to Hot Stone Massage

This ancient technique has gained popularity in the UK over the past 10 years and it still sounds a little daunting to some people.

Let’s face it the sound of ‘hot stones’ used to relax you doesn’t sound all that enticing but you would be surprised at how the warmth of the stones is used to ease the muscles. Different sized stones are used on the different areas of the body, there are larger stones for your legs, small ones to place in between your toes and medium stones for your arms.

A professional therapist will ensure the stones are heated to the correct temperature so they create a relaxing massage without any discomfort of the stones being too hot or too cold. But don’t be afraid to tell the therapist if they’re too hot for you, you should be enjoying the experience and relaxing.

What happens during a hot stone massage?

You will need to undress for this treatment but a towel will be draped over you. The stones, which are flat and smooth, will be pre-heated to the ideal temperature before your appointment so when you lie down they’re ready to be used.

The therapist will use the heated stones to massage around your body, such as your back, face, legs and arms, by using various stroking and sweeping techniques. During the process essential oils are used to help sooth and relax you, additionally, single stones will be left in the palm of your hands, on your legs and face.

Oil is also massaged into your back and by using long strokes with the stones the therapist pays key attention to acupressure points. The heat from each stone quickly relaxes your muscles allowing the therapist to give a deep tissue massage without using too much pressure.

stones massage

What benefits are there from a hot stone massage?

There are a number of benefits to enjoying a hot stone massage, like most massage treatments, it’ll relax your body and release any built-up tension. Although the added warmth from the stones should create a deep state of relaxation. Try and book your session when you don’t have any other plans so you can stay in a calm, relaxed state for the remainder of the day.

With a hot stone massage the combination of warmth and coolness is said to help lymph flow and encourage the body to detox. Additionally, it’s said to boost your circulation and ease any muscle pain you might be experiencing.

Hot stone massage tips

  • Avoid heavy meals before enjoying a hot stone massage.
  • Tell your therapist if you’re pregnant as the heat from the stones may not be suitable.
  • Let them know about any medical/skin conditions that you think might be affected by the treatment.
  • Everyone has their own comfort range so tell the therapist if the stones are too hot or cold.
  • Arrive with plenty of time to spare so you don’t go in to the treatment feeling rushed and flustered.

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