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A Guide to Using Aromatherapy During Pregnancy

If you’re taking a holistic approach to your pregnancy then you may have looked into aromatherapy. Whilst there are many divided opinions on the use of aromatherapy during pregnancy – some argue that it can be harmful to expecting mothers – there are some oils that can be safe to use. It’s always worth having a conversation with your doctor around what essential oils you intend to use, but there a few suggestions we can make to help make your pregnancy more comfortable. Breathe deep with our selection of essential oils for expectant mothers and see how you could be using them.

What essential oils are good for expectant mothers?

There are lots of options for essential oils when it comes to pregnant women, but our top four are below – each one fulfils an important role in keeping Mum and baby happy.


lavender close up

A popular essential oil known for its anti-bacterial properties and sedative effects, Lavender oil is a great choice for pregnant women. This versatile smelling essential oil can help you to sleep – perfect for those suffering from sleepless nights due to back pain. It also has wonderful calming affects, meaning you’ll stay less stressed and able to focus on looking after yourself and your soon-to-be family member. However, it’s also important to remember that too much lavender oil can be a stimulant – so be sure to use diluted amounts to keep calm and collected.


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Often found as a base note in perfume, sandalwood is a familiar scent that will have filled your oil burner at some point! With strong connections to the spiritual, sandalwood is a great option for mothers wanting to care of mind and body during their pregnancy. Use it during meditation to centre you and your baby. Sandalwood is also known for ‘lifting the spirits’ as it is often suggested for those suffering with depression. If you find those pre natal mood swings are getting the better of you then sandalwood could be your go to essential oil.


bergamot plant

Bergamot’s scent is akin to that of an orange, but with slightly more floral notes. Bergamot is often suggested to those with dry skin due to its deeply nourishing properties, however, it is phototoxic. Be sure to use it sparingly when pregnant and to ask a doctor about the risks associated to it.

Tea Tree


Tea tree oil is another popular essential oil that is used for many medicinal purposes, such as treating head lice. Whilst some find the smell of tea tree clinical or medicinal, it can still help pregnant women to feel awake and alert when they need to. Be sure to dilute this essential oil when applying it – less is more! Don’t apply it directly to your skin as it can cause a bad reaction – always dilute and seek medical advice before using it.

How can I use aromatherapy during pregnancy?

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You’ve chosen your ideal essential oil and now you need to know how to use it! Take a look at our selection below to find the perfect way to use your essential oil during pregnancy.

Diluted in the bath

After you’ve spoken to a doctor about the suitability of your oil, a great way to utilise them is by adding a few drops to a bath. Soak those weary muscles, have a little you time and catch up on your reading. The heat from the water in the bath releases all of the beautiful scents and is then able to permeate your skin, giving you all of the holistic benefits of an aromatherapy bath. A few drops of essential oils and ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ a book by Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi Murkoff, and Sharon Mazel and you’ve got yourself a great hour of solitude.

As an essential oil rub

Again, less is more with essential oil rubs, but applying diluted essential oils to tired muscles, or to your swelling belly, is a great way to reduce stress levels. If you’ve got a willing participant nearby you can even have them rub the small of your back, where all of the stress lies when you’e walking around with your extra weight.

In an oil burner

If you’d like the benefits of aromatherapy without too much risk then a few drops of your chosen essential oil in an oil burner is a safe route to go down. Meditate with the soothing smell surrounding you and contemplate those baby names; is Saxon a good name? With a little time for reflection all will become clear.

What essential oils did you use?

Do you have some recommendations as to what to use during pregnancy – maybe one essential oil was your favourite. Let us know your own experiences with aromatherapy and pregnancy on Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!


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