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7 Super Relaxing Spaces in Manchester

Finding space to breathe and have a private moment is a tough one for city dwellers, and Manchester city centre is no different. Everyone relaxes in different ways. You may find solitude and comfort in a quirky cafe, public gardens or a marina. No matter what your vice is, we’ve found the perfect relaxing spaces in Manchester city centre for you to enjoy. Enjoy a cup of loose leaf tea, surround yourself in greenery or watch the world go by in the marina. Manchester city centre just got zen.

1. Earth Cafe & the Manchester Buddhist Centre


Image via Visit Manchester

Nestled beneath the Manchester Buddhist Centre resides Earth Cafe. This friendly vegetarian cafe has been rescuing souls from the busy city centre for years now. Food is Fairtrade where it can be, and everything is organic, locally sourced and seasonal; it’s everything you need to restore your wellbeing. Take your latest book crush, order a cup of organic tea and eat some vegan cake. It’s the best way to get back to you in the middle of the city.

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2. Sackville Park/Whitworth Gardens


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An oasis of green in the middle of the urban jungle, Sackville Gardens is your go-to space for relaxation. Perfect for relaxing with friends or catching some rays in the rare good weather whilst reading a book, Sackville Gardens is a welcoming green space amongst all of Manchester’s concrete. Located on the edge of the Shena Simon Campus and Canal Street, it’s convenient to get to and easy to escape should it get too noisy.

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3. New Islington Marina


Image via Photo4me

A city location with water is a rare beast, so New Islington Marina is a welcome reprieve from the city pace. New Islington Marina is currently undergoing a restoration, so it’s getting a lot of love and attention at present. If you’re lucky enough to live there, then you get to have the Marina as your back garden and playground, otherwise it’s a short journey from the city centre. Soak up some sun and listen to water gently lap beneath your feet.

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4. Parsonage Gardens


Image via Manchester History

Parsonage Gardens have a totally different feel to Whitworth Gardens. Whilst both are equally as relaxing, Parsonage Gardens benefits from its dense tree planting. Hugged on all sides by grand buildings, this park truly feels protected from the city, allowing you to relax amongst some impressive greenery. Take a pretty detour to work, read a book in an urban green space or people watch to your heart’s content.

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5. Twenty Twenty Two


Image via Twenty Twenty Two

Sometimes relaxing doesn’t mean quiet time alone, it means great company…and ping pong! Fortunately for the people of Manchester, Twenty Twenty Two can cater to these very specific needs. Meet up with friends to enjoy a game of ping pong after work and get rid of the day’s stresses. You can even enjoy a pint at the same time.

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6. John Rylands Library


Image via CHICC Manchester 

Surrounding yourself with books and sitting in a space where silence is demanded, rather than suggested, is a wonderful thing. Libraries are magical spaces and the only way to keep them open, so that you can relax and learn something in the process, is to keep turning up at them. They’re a precious public space where people are polite (generally), are looking for knowledge or information and give you space to breathe. The John Rylands Library, associated to the Manchester of University, is no exception. Pull up a pew, crack the spine of a much loved book and relax.

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7. Oklahoma Cafe & Gift Shop


Image via Red Rose Style

Oklahoma Cafe and Gift Shop is the perfect space to buy a unique gift and enjoy a slice of cake with your favourite jasmine tea. Filled to over flowing with original and quirky gifts, this is a truly relaxing space for those that enjoy retail therapy. Who’s to say that gift you just bought wasn’t for you anyway? You definitely needed that funny slogan tea towel.

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