7 Apps to Improve your Wellbeing

It’s mid-morning on a Monday and your e-mails just don’t seem to stop. Or, it’s a hectic Saturday with the kids where it feels like you’re being pulled in every direction. You just need to stop, take a minute and re-centre. What you need is a little pick-me-up, something that will relax you and help you to re-energise for the day ahead.

Enter wellbeing apps. These simple, life affirming apps can be downloaded straight to your phone and are only a click away to helping you feel calm, cool and collected. These seven wellbeing apps have been chosen as an instant feel-good moment – meditate, feel inspired and relax. The kids will get picked up from their after school clubs, the work will get done and you will motivate yourself to go to the gym. Let’s talk wellbeing in the digital age.

1. Buddhify

Centred around the concept of the moment; mindfulness, Buddhify offers guided meditations for those leading busy lives. You simply tell the app what you’re doing (whether that be commuting, at the gym, or in a meeting) and it offers a guided meditation for you to walk through. You can even record your stats to see how your mindfulness is progressing throughout the week.

2.The NHS Change4Life Healthy Recipes App


Image via NHS Choices 

One of the beautiful things about this app is that it reduces your options for meals. How often are you faced with having to come up with a meal for dinner time only to find your paralysed with choice? With the NHS Change4Life app you’ll have fewer choices (100 in fact, meaning less time to worry about choosing meals) and you’ll be eating healthier meals. Make all of your favourite meals, like cottage pie, whilst keeping the calories down! And breathe.

3. Star Walk


Sometimes, looking after your wellbeing is recognising you need to get outdoors and get active. What better way to do it than by taking in some celestial bodies and going for a walk to clear your head. Marvel at the big dipper whilst you take a stroll with the Star Walk app, you could even take the dog for that walk you’ve been meaning to do all day.

4. Sleep as Android

We’re constantly told that a good night’s sleep is the first step to a productive and happy day – so how about an app that wakes you up at a time that’s best for your sleep pattern? This handy app tracks your sleeping pattern, showing you how often and when you wake up in the night and suggests a time that’s best for you to wake up. Looking after your sleep is one of the best ways to look after you, download the helpful app to get a grip on your sleeping patterns.

5. In Flow App

The In Flow app allows you to track your moods, monitoring how you feel depending on the activity you’re doing or who you’re with. They believe that tracking our mood is one of the first steps to happiness. Track your happy with the In Flow app.

6. Ted Talks App


It’s hard to imagine anything more inspiring than a TED talk and now you can have all of them right in your pocket. Learn where teddy bears got their name, how music sampling works and why your brain needs sugar. It’s all on TED and you’re sure to feel motivated, uplifted, adventurous, grateful – basically anything you can think of because the whole spectrum of humanity is encapsulated in TED talks. These talks aren’t pick me ups, they’re life changers.

7. Gratitude Daily App

image (1)

Image via Byutv 

Being able to recognise the things you are grateful for is an enlightened way to live your life. Thanks to the Gratitude Daily app this has been made even easier as you can record all the times your day gives you something to be grateful for. Did a friend give you a thoughtful gift out of the blue? Did a dog make you smile on your way to work today? Did a stranger perform a random act of kindness? Record it in the app and relive those moments later when you’re feeling low.


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